Dragon Circle Wiki

Items Sets

Ultimate Orb (Myth)

  • Magic Orb (Drop from Adult Golem in chapter 1)
  • Magic Orb (Dig from north of the bridge in chapter 2)
  • Magic Orb (Obtain in the east side of the map in chapter 3)
  • Magic Orb (Found in middle of the map on an island in chapter 4)
  • Magic Orb (Dig from south of bridge in chapter 5)
  • Magic Orb (Drop from skeleton miniboss in chapter 6)
  • Magic Orb (Dig north of the Client Master in chapter 7)
  • Magic Orb (Steal from mini boss Shazular in chapter 8)
  • Magic Orb (When on Galeoth's path, head west and find a dig spot in chapter 9)
  • Magic Orb (Chapter 10)

Soldier's Set(1) (Rare):

  • Soldier's Belt (Drop from Slaughterer)
  • Soldier's Gloves (Drop Wuzz Commander - Main Quest - Rescue Dart!)
  • Soldier's Helmet (350 - Main Town)

Magarath's Set (Unique):

  • Magarath's Belt (Drop Orge Boss - mini boss)
  • Magarath's Armor (Drop Bandit Lord - mini boss)
  • Magarath's Amulet (210 - Main Town)

Miraga's Set (Unique):

  • Miraga's Ring (Drop Widger Queen - mini boss)
  • Miraga's Armor (Dig south of Main Town - Need Dig Power : 2)
  • Miraga's Staff (360 - Main Town)

Battlemage's Set (Epic):

  • Battlemage's Boots (In shop chapter 1)
  • Battlemage's Hand (In shop chapter 2)
  • Battlemage's Cuirass (Given to Galeoth, later could be found in shop (chapter 7))
  • Battlemage's Shoulder (Steal from a miniboss in Kar'Gath or buy from the shop)

Sunrise Set (Epic):

  • Boots of Sunrise (Steal from Wuzz Shaman in chapter 1)
  • Helmet of Sunrise (Epic Boss temple entrance in chapter 2)
  • Chains of Sunrise (Dig from north-east of starting point in chapter 4)
  • Cuirass of Sunrise (Bought by Black Merchant near teleport location "The Hill", south of John's home in chapter 5) 

Theif Set (Unique):

  • Theif's Boots (Steal from Voldro in chapter 2)
  • Theif's Knife (Buy from Black merchant from any of the two barbarian villages at night)
  • Theif's Hood (Steal from Fishthern Chieftan)  

Jade Set (Myth) :

  • Jade Amulet (Drop from chapter 4 Epic boss)
  • Jade Cloak (Steal from Chapter 5 Elite boss)
  • Jade Blade (Steal from Chapter 5 Dark Messiah)
  • Jade Shield (Obtained by giving Client 003 to the archmage)
  • Jade Armor (Steal from Chapter 8 Elite boss)

Azures Set (Legendary) :

  • Azures Ring (Buy from Arnold's Armor store in chapter 1)
  • Azures Belt (Buy from Army shop in chapter 2)
  • Azures Shoulders (Buy from Selling shade in chapter 4)
  • Azures Sword (Buy from Arogaba's Armor store in chapter 5)
  • Azures Armor (Buy from Secret Store in chapter 6)
  • Azures Relic (Buy from Zack's Special Store in chapter 7)

Santoryu (Legendary)

  • Abrey (Lucky Box with luck 8 or 9 in chapter 1)
  • Shinji (Lucky Box with luck 8 or 9 in chapter 2)
  • Lochom (Lucky Box with luck 8 or 9 in chapter 3)